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1930s Architecture Appendix

Art Deco Organizations and Historical Societies

Art Deco Society of California
100 Bush Street, #511
San Francisco, California 94104

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles
P.O. Box 972
Hollywood, California 90078

Art Deco Society of Sacramento
P.O. Box 162836
Sacramento, California 95816

City of Fullerton -- Historic Fullerton
303 W Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, California 92832

Historical Society of Long Beach
110 Pine Avenue, #1200
Long Beach, California 90802

Long Beach Heritage
P.O. Box 90809
Long Beach, California 90809

Los Angeles Conservancy
523 West Sixth Street, Suite 826
Los Angeles, California 90014

San Diego History Center
1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, California 92101

Santa Monica Conservancy
P.O. Box 653
Santa Monica, California 90406


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