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New Deal

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Built to Succeed Alex Loomis

The Defining Moment

by Jonathan Alter

Raising America Back on Its Feet Katy Crestol

Back to Work: The Story of PWA

by Harold Ickes

Happiness Follows Achievement Allison Van Kirk

American -Made

by Nick Taylor

The Consequences of Modernization Daniel Lee

TVA and the Dispossessed: The Resettlement of Population in the Norris Dam

by Michael McDonald & John Muldowny

The Frankfurter-Brandeis Dilemma Imane Hamza

Louis D. Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, and the New Deal

by Nelson L. Dawson

The Birth and Death of the CCC John Law

Nature's New Deal: Civilian Conservation Corps

by Neil M. Maher

Far Reach Andy Palm

The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal

by Robert D. Leighninger Jr.

Constant Struggle Ryan Miles

The Battle for Social Security: from FDR's Vision to Bush's Gamble

by Nancy Altman

A Grass Roots Experiment Nhat Truong

TVA: Democracy on the March

by David Lilienthal

Special Projects: CCC & WPA
The Civilian Conservation Corps Minnie Wu

Civilian Conservation Corps

The WPA Lifeboat Sam La

Works Progress Administration

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