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Economic Theory

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The Economic Consequences of Keynes Jessica Delgadillo


by Peter Clarke

Fed Up with the Fed Chris Huh

The Great Contraction: 1929-1933

by Milton Friedman

FDR and Advisors
From Old Brains to New Calvin Duong

Hoover, Roosevelt, and the Brains Trust: From Depression to New Deal

by Elliot A. Rosen

The Road to Modern America Julie Calkins

Nothing to Fear

by Adam Cohen

The Man with a Plan Letitia Nguyen

Harry Hopkins: A Sudden Hero, Brash Reformer

by June Hopkins

The Man Behind Franklin D. Roosevelt Lida Aghazadah

Harry Hopkins: A Biography

by Henry H. Adams

Frances Perkins Hamza Atcha

The Woman Behind the New Deal

by Kirstin Downey

In the Eyes of Agressive Progressives Alex Hwang

Harold L. Ickes: The Aggressive Progressive

by Linda Lear

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